Addiction Intervention

A first time DUI, drug arrest, juvenile crime or charge of underage drinking may not necessarily mean addiction. However, if you have been arrested for a drug or alcohol related crime it may be time to reflect and reach out for treatment.

Alcohol and drug addiction is a disease and treatment is readily available. In fact, treatment may not only help you to avoid incarceration and the negative effects of a permanent criminal record but may result in positive life changes for you and your family.

If your love done has not been willing to admit their alcoholism or addiction or has not been willing to seek treatment, their arrest may be the motivation necessary to start their journey towards recovery. If the choice is incarceration or treatment, treatment may become the welcomed alternative. Your loved one may not only choose to begin treatment under the circumstances of their arrest but the leverage of a court can ensure that treatment is completed with continued court supervision and the constant threat of incarceration.

In order to understand and utilize an arrest as an intervention strategy you need to consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer with expertise in alternative sentencing such as Attorney Frank J. Bolock, Jr. Attorney Bolock is a Northeastern Pennsylvania defense attorney with a practice focused on DUI and drug crimes. Attorney Bolock an experienced defense attorney with over 35 years of courtroom experience, a former Assistant District Attorney for Lackawanna County and Special Advocate to the Lackawanna County Treatment Court possesses the unique knowledge, experience and connections to help you and your loved one develop a defense strategy designed to address the underlying drug addiction or alcoholism in order to avoid incarceration and the permanent negative effects of a criminal record.

Attorney Frank Bolock provides personalized service to defendants and their families in defending drug and alcohol related crimes and in seeking treatment for their underlying substance abuse issues.

In Lackawanna, Luzerne, Wayne, Monroe, Wyoming, Susquehanna and Pike Counties alternative disposition programs exist for the non-criminal disposition of cases namely treatment court, drug court, DUI court, ARD programs, Section 17 programs which will help you or your loved one avoid incarceration and the negative effects of a permanent criminal record. Attorney Frank Bolock through his unique knowledge and experience can help you or your loved one successfully navigate the criminal justice system to access an alternative disposition program that will avoid the negative consequences of an arrest and will also allow you or your loved one to address an underlying alcoholism or drug addiction issue and make positive life changes.



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