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If your son or daughter has been arrested or charged with underage drinking, underage DUI or a juvenile delinquent offense anywhere in Northeastern Pennsylvania contact Attorney Frank Bolock immediately.

Attorney Bolock has served as a Chief Juvenile Public Defender for Lackawanna County, is a former Assistant District Attorney for Lackawanna County and has over 35 years of legal experience handling all types of juvenile delinquent offenses, underage drinking, possession of illegal substances by minors and underage DUI.

Juvenile delinquent acts, underage drinking and drug offenses by minors expose young people to harsh consequences.

In Pennsylvania it is illegal to purchase or consume alcohol by a person under 21.  Penalties for underage drinking, even if it is a first offense can be harsh and may include the following:

  • A maximum fine of $500.00 for a first offense;
  • Automatic license suspension for 90 days;
  • Increased automobile insurance payments;
  • Difficulty when applying for admission to college;
  • Difficulty obtaining employment.

A juvenile record or a record involving underage drinking can have life-changing consequences for your son or daughter  so it is very important to retain experienced legal counsel.

An underage drinking citation or a juvenile petition is not a conviction!  Just because your son or daughter has received a Summary Citation or Juvenile Petition doesn’t mean they are guilty.

Contact Attorney Frank Bolock immediately and he will investigate every aspect of your child’s case to determine if there is reasonable suspicion or probable cause for the Citation or Juvenile Petition.  Bolock will examine every detail to build a strong defense.

Attorney Bolock’s No. 1 goal is to have the juvenile offense or underage drinking citation dismissed or resolved so that your son or daughter does not have a life-altering consequences resulting from a Juvenile Court record.

As a result of Attorney Bolock’s over 35 years of legal experience he is well versed in various alternative and diversion programs available under the Pennsylvania Juvenile Act and other Pennsylvania laws.  In juvenile matters Attorney Bolock has been successful in many cases in having a Juvenile Petition resolved under a program known as Informal Adjustment.  Another type of alternative program that results in avoiding the negative consequences of a juvenile record is the Pennsylvania Consent Decree.  In many of Attorney Bolock’s cases involving underage drinking he has been successful in negotiating to have his client’s case placed in a program known as “Adjudication Alternative Program”.  Under this type of arrangement, the young person charged with underage drinking is not required to plead guilty and the Court may order one or more of the following “alternative” punishments:

  • Community service
  • Alcohol-education classes
  • Other reasonable conditions imposed by the court.

Under the Adjudication Alternative Program if the young offender successfully accomplishes the goals that the Court establishes for them then the Court will dismiss the charges and allow the young person to avoid having a record offense.

Attorney Frank Bolock/Bolock Law is available 24/7. If your son or daughter is in need of legal help he will be there for them every step of the way!

If your son or daughter has been arrested for a drug offense, a juvenile delinquent act or underage drinking call Attorney Frank J. Bolock or contact him through our online contact form.  Attorney Bolock will listen to your concerns and work with you and your son or daughter to achieve the best outcome possible.  Early intervention by Attorney Bolock will allow him to provide his expertise, knowledge, contacts and relationships to work for you.

He works nights and weekends!

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